Licensed, Bonded, Insured


So what’s the big deal about being licensed, bonded and insured?

Not all exterminators can claim this. This is what differentiates the professionals from the amateurs. It tells you that we’ve “been around the block a couple of times.” It tells you that we are a brick and mortar company. We are not a “fly-by-night” operation. It tells you that we take pride in our work and only use the best materials for each specific case. No cheap substitutes here!

Let’s face it — accidents do happen. But when they do, our customers have nothing to fear. All our team members have worker’s comp.

One time, the roof of one of our customers was so brittle from termite infestation that it gave way underneath us. Our insurance paid for all that and we replaced the damage with a brand new roof.

So is being licensed, bonded and insured a big deal? You bet it is!